$12,420.00 raised
GOAL: $15,000.00

Get the City You Want. Support 5th Square.

We're working toward a Philadelphia that lives up to its legacy as the first planned city in America by supporting champions of forward-thinking transportation and land use planning. 

Our team is 100% volunteer, and since we started working in winter 2015, we've already begun to see results: we've racked up a few early wins, the political conversation is changing, and we are continuing to help elect and build consensus among leaders for a walkable, bikeable, transit-rich city.

We accomplish this by keeping you informed about what's happening, who can fix it, and where there are opportunities to take action in your neighborhood and beyond, whether online or in-person. We also vet candidates on the built environment issues you care about, so you can advance those issues in the voting booth. 

Voting for better politicians isn't enough. When you support 5th Square, you send an added message to elected officials that Philadelphia deserves better planning and design, safer streets, and affordable living, and you expect them to deliver.